Accordion Playhouse


A place to Create, Play and Imagine

The Accordion Playhouse is a foldable, expandable playhouse for children to play in, It is easy to fold back into a flat surface and storage anywhere, perfect for parents who live in apartments or small places and want to provide their kids with a place to play.


There was an evolution of the logo to a more dynamic shape, something that would represent the actual playhouse while also being abstracted, it has been paired with a playful font in small caps to make it more friendly. The palette includes bright colors that origin from the house itself. 

Color Palette

This bright, fun and playful palette was picked off from the actual product. They are perfect for a brand that targets parents and their children. 


Flamante Round is a very friendly typeface that works with the brand because of its curvilinear shapes, making it suitable for a design created for kids.


The stationery design includes a business card, letterhead, and a manual design, which will include information about the materials of the house, how to store, build, and attach to other accordion playhouses to create tunnels.

Because the parents also need some love, there is a bag that can be purchased as well, this will be also a form of marketing for when they use it in public and the brand can be present and know.

Currently, many people are very active on social media, especially parents sharing their beautiful families and accomplishments. Accordion Playhouse will have their own Instagram that parents can tag while they are using the product and maybe even be featured on the company's profile.

The webpage will be used not only to find the product itself but also for costumers to reach out to the company and learn more about The Accordion Playhouse.

Social Media

Web Page


A t-shirt that can possibly be a gift with the purchase of the playhouse. This shirt will be for the kids to enjoy.




Design:  Stephanie Chica