Sale Hunter

Making the saving experience more fun.

The app that helps parents and kids connect to the sales of their favorite store and increase the savings by turning your experience into a fun and entertaining scavenger hunt.

The application that helps parents and kids save money at the grocery store by allowing children to find the sales in a fun way.

With an average savings of 40-75 dollars a month!

Making the saving experience more fun.

San Antonio, TX  |   29
San Antonio, TX  |   7
San Antonio, TX  |   26

Eli is a full-time mechanic who

spends his spare time trying to run errands and do chores around his 

house. He has 2 kids.

Jessica is a single mom who works as a dental assistant. She tries to make as much time possible to spend with her daughter.

Jeana Goes to school and likes to help her mom make dinner, they also do other activities together like go to the park and goes with her mom grocery shopping.


After gathering the research form interviews amongst parents that grocery shop with their kids, The sketches were created based off of the idea that kids usually get entertained with their mobile devices and what better way to do so that contributing to saving money while shopping. From the sketches, it followed the wireframes, which helped developed more the usability of the app. Once the overall design was placed, the small details were then added to improve the user experience. 


The app is designed mainly for the child, But the parents set up the account. The parent creates a profile which will help save records of previous savings and the most visited store. After it is all set up, the parent then gives the phone to the child, whom will hunt the sales of the weekly ad. The app will connect to google maps to find the store and layout where the user will see the map, from there, they pick the department and select the item, the app will give you the location, regular price and sale price. The user scans the item and It the item is the correct one they collect a coin. After collecting a certain amount of coins the user can claim a price. 

The rewards are priceless, such as a visit to the park. The idea is that the users of The Sale Hunter app can save as much possible. Finally, there is a history feature where you can see your previous savings and the total of all the saving history, this will help teach kids more about budgeting.


Playful, round typeface that matches the style of the brand icon as well as giving it a childlike feel.


Since the app will be mainly used by children, it is important to have a colorful and playful palette to represent the brand and will attract the right audience.


Design and Illustrations: Stephanie Chica


Research:  Parents from East Terrel Hills Elementary                            

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School in San Antonio, TX

This Project is a professional practice project in collaboration with Frost Bank.